The beginning of the site

It has been over a year since Anna Malice has left the internet, i have heard many rumors but can not be sure. What i can be sure of is that we all miss her and we miss our daily updated site. When it came to this content it seemed like this is only the curated website for gurls like us. I have decided i would like to pick up where she left off. Posting 3 or so handpicked videos a day, comments on the topic of the day. If things pick up steam i would love to have interviews with girls transitioning, helpful tips, toy reviews, and really just being an online resource. But for now i am going to do my best to just find new videos that i think you all would enjoy, and see where we go.

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2 thoughts on “The beginning of the site

  1. All the way behind you…great initiative. Let Me know hoe I can help

  2. Welcome. Thanks for creating this site.

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