Bi-male cuckolding

This particular trio of films involves a trio. An amatuer artist named Yogahotwife, her black bull and cuckold husband. If you are someone who enjoys real deal, non staged amatuer cuckolding, this is near the top of the list. A delightfully playful woman who teases her cuck plenty. He appears in chastity, and is the cameraman and clean up crew.

Those curious about the aspect of cuckold relationships and if they are real, this should help point out that this can be more than just a fantasy. I reccomend a site like . That is a community with many forums, not a craigslist want ads list. Poking around you may find someone near you, someone you connect with, or simply someone who can be honest with your feelings. I’m sure many of you are at the point where you want to push it passed fantasy, and this may be a small little push.

Often this seems to be the middle ground of cuckolding. Passed watching or hearing about it, but before more humiliating tasks or feminization. He still has an active role in her sex life, and seems to get to have some fun himself.

Enjoy yogahotwife


2 thoughts on “Bi-male cuckolding

  1. This is a great sit for sissy’s like me. book marked for sure.

  2. very nice , wholesome blk cock is always nice to share

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