The inspiring Sissy Natalie mars

This is something i have recently found, but Natalie mars who was what appeared to be a cross-dresser playing with large toys, possibly trans or a sissy, id love to have an interview with her some day. She later has begun to transition and its one of those situations where you can tell they were meant to be a girl

The first two videos appear to be her more of a cross-dresser, but the third video is her as a professional trans porn star!

I know many of you are afraid to take this leap, but have deeply thought about it and it has become a crux in your fantasies. Here is someone who took that leap, took that plunge and ended up living out her fantasy. Every journey starts the first step. I hope you sissies find it inspiring for someone like you to become such a gorgeous woman.

While you watch these videos, you should think about that. Successful transitioning and becoming the person you want to be in your fantasies. How beautiful you could turn out. How much better your life could be. At least have that dialogue with yourself seeing someone who did it so successful.


1 thought on “The inspiring Sissy Natalie mars

  1. Like Natalie Mars. Some of these videos I had not seen. Thanks for posting.

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