Double sided dildos in sissies/shemales

This is something i thought of when i was watching the wonderful Natalie mars, The idea of two sissies, trans, or even feminized cucks using a double sided dildo.

Think of this, if you are a sissy, having another sissy playmate. Both of your cocks are basically useless, too small, and (hopefully) in chastity. That means your main sense of having fun would be mouths and toys. So you and your sissy playmate would be brought to the level of playing with a double sided dildo like a couple of little lesbians. How much more fun would it be if you both had Mistresses and they were there to watch.

If you are a cuck, how humiliating would it be to be with another couple while you and the other cuck ride a double sided toy while they are either with real men, or just watching in amusement how pathetic you’ve become.

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