The wonderful cuckoldress Jinxiepie

I could probably go on and on about jinxiepie but this will be just a brief introduction for those who didn’t know her. From her videos you can tell this is amateur, this is real. Those who think cuckolding is just for porn.. It is a life style and you can lead it if you search it out (i definitely have).

Her husband is always the one who films, the real men are generally kept discreet. She has an absolute knack for looking into the camera and talking smack to her husband.. who i assume edits the videos and jerks off to them.

She used to run a site called cuckolding101 which was a great learning tool and teaching people about cuckolding. The theory that i heard is that she had a child and lived in a small town in the south. Someone figured out who she was, got reported to cps and basically disappeared from the internet. However, if you look hard enough you will be able to find plenty of her videos.

For my lovely cucks, this is what you should aspire to be. To my sissies, this would be your role with a woman. I hope you enjoy yourselves today, and please leave any comments of what you have or haven’t enjoyed.

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