Black owned couples

Im sure the title got your attention, a sissy cuck or a fag. This is how a lot of it starts. My ex was really into black guys and this was always a fantasy of ours. To bring a real man into our bedroom and both service and be pleased by him. This is excellent for a cuck who wants to be more involved in his Cuckoldress sex life, and this is also perfect for a sissy who is involved with a Mistress.

Look how happy both the couple and the real man seems, how everyone is enjoying each other. She is getting what she wants, the cuck is in heaven, and the real man is being pleased to no end by two eager people.

I think this is an excellent goal to reach in a cuckold relationship. Not only show her that you aren’t man enough for her, but also that you have cravings of your own that you want to fulfill.

And as I’ve asked many straight men, a double blow job is mind blowing.. so get on your knees and help her out!

1 thought on “Black owned couples

  1. Definitely a huge fantasy in our relationship
    Love the site and what you posted so far

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