The Inspiring Jessica Fappit

This post is someone who i had found sometime last year, her name is jessica fappit (Who back in 2012 went by texi trap). She has only been in a few professional films and mostly produces her own content, ill post an interview as why that is.

She is very big into being a bottom only and has interest in using her boy parts, and wants to be recognized fully as a woman. Though i have never personally talked to her in a few of her videos she mentioned how her kink involved into her life. The hypno videos, the sissy porn, crossdressing, to eventually transitioning. As you can see she blossomed into a beautiful woman. She is definitely the top of the list of people i want to interview.

I know many of you have the fantasy of being bottom only, completely a girl, some of you even castrated (she is). This can be more of a fantasy if you take the plunge, and you can end up with some amazing results. Here is a links to her twitter and to her clipstore, and as always enjoy.


Jessicas clip store


1 thought on “The Inspiring Jessica Fappit

  1. I follow her on Twitter she is witty and funny. I enjoy her post immensely.and she will answer you back once and a while.

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