Sissygasms in chastity

This is a topic that im sure you all are aware of. Cumming in chastity and cumming hands free. In my personal experience as funny as it sound its easier to have a hands free orgasm with a chastity device because it gives some level of satisfaction (If you have a Mistress make sure you are allowed to!). Some might view cumming in chastity as cheating and defeating the purpose, but trust me.. This is not a mans orgasm. It feels completely different. Instead of your little dick feeling like it sneezing, your whole body ripples out like shock waves while you seem to cum against your will.

There are a few little cheaters using magic wands, but i actually think that’s good training. If you need to start using a wand and getting used to it, slowly taking it away and you’ll be cumming like a sissy in no time.

Fun fact, the first orgasm i ever had was an anal orgasm, and for those of you who have never had one.. Wait until you feel how much stronger they are, and how satisfied you will be after working hard to complete this feat.


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