Sissygasm aka the handsfree prostate orgasm

I’m sure many of you are longing for this day, when you can cum hands free. Some of you may be restrained enough to know to stop stroking and let yourself cum “ruined” and hands free. Some may be using toys while doing so and learning to get closer and closer. Though in my honest opinion i don’t think any of us should be stroking unless you are filled (and dressed for that matter).

Having the benefit of owning a fucking machine  sissygasms are quite easy when you can comfortably lay back and take a nice long slow fucking or a furious pounding. Though i’ve had quite a few before i bit the bullet on the machine. Try edging yourself for 1-3 days, and then ride a toy while watching some of your favorite videos, maybe one of these longer compilations for motivation. You’ll want to focus on tightening your sissy pussy on the toy (Which is useful to know when you are milking a cock dry after its spent in your sissy pussy) which will also cause your little peeper to twitch. If you are rock hard the swinging motion might be enough to make you squirt. If you are a real deal sissy and staying soft, you may have to settle for a slow dribbling stream.


Good luck, and lay off the stroking for a day or three!




1 thought on “Sissygasm aka the handsfree prostate orgasm

  1. Cumming while being fucked has always been great. Cumming from being fucked was just an unachievable fantasy, till it happened… Now, I can do it every day, but if I want a really good orgasm and a big load, I’ll not cum for 2 to 4 days before. Now that I know what to do, I cannot wait till a lover fucks an orgasm out of my ass.:)

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