Inspiring CD samantha/rachelfox someone to look up to

If you’ve been looking at sissy porn I’m sure you’ve seen her come up. There are dozens of videos often of her dressed very well taking black cock like it isn’t a big deal, and it isn’t. Hopefully you also make it to a point where black cock still gets you excited but you can contain yourself. This is your sex life. You dress up, you take black cock, there isn’t much deviation. You too can become an expert, buy stylish lingerie, take BBC with ease, and look beautiful while doing it. This is a link to her fetlife account.

once again for those who don’t know about fetlife, it is probably the largest blanket forum to kinks. Sissies, cucks and fags make up a decent population. This could be a great way to learn more, maybe meet someone, or just understand how big our community is.

enjoy and know you can do it. – Tiffani

2 thoughts on “Inspiring CD samantha/rachelfox someone to look up to

  1. All of the videos were deleted 🙁 Any others you can suggest?

    1. Fixed, it looks like after xhamster had a facelift they deleted a lot of videos. Though in this instance this was HER page, she may be purging or maybe just wants to be out of the public eye. Ill contact her and if thats the case ill take them down.

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