Glory hole sissies and shemales

I know this a fantasy a lot of you have had. Definitely the sissies but i know a lot of you cucks want to anon suck some cock. I have a different spread of videos to show you, the fake porn version where its obviously not strangers.. But there are also real people doing it in the privacy of their home or at a book store.

I will always say practice safe sex and if you do not know your partners using a condom is a good idea, sorry to sound like an 8th grade teacher in sex ed.

The fact of the matter is, even if you were going to see a movie with your girlfriend and  someone slid a cock through the divider of the stall, you know you’d miss that movie. You have been dying for someone to just pull their cock out because you know that you will instinctively fall to your nears and worship it. Sissies and cucks like you dont just suck.. you lick, caress, stroke, spit, you use every tool you can to show him how much you appreciate his time. Though the easier way would be to find a real man to do this on the regular, i still love the fantasy.

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