Sissies and their BBC dildos

photo credit The Black Destroyer Huge Dildo – 5 Pounder!


As im sure many of you sissies do, you have a bbc dildo or two. my person favorite being BAM as well as black thunder (Mr. Marcus for you beginners). This is a very easy step you can do all at home, even if you aren’t alone. Using a good silicone based lube and taking your time you can practice being a black cock slut in the comfort of your own home.

And as far as you cucks go, the last video you can see how these girlfriends and wives start to get turned on by using these large black toys. Honest story when i was in college i used Mr. Marcus on a fuck buddy i was with before i was a complete sissy, and i used it on her from behind so she couldn’t see what it was. After cumming many times all over it and me getting a great show of her ass as her pussy swallowed this black toy.. When she finally saw what it was that was making her cum so hard, she was so turned on. Black toys became a common use in our sex life. Though there was a little bit of deception, instead of having that awkward conversation of this is something i’d like to try, a little trial by fire. She was addicted to black cock her first thrust, just like you cucks may be and my sissies definitely will be.


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