Sissy Hypno weekend #1 pt.2

These are some classics in my opinion from sissysonics. Through all of my research i couldn’t find anything about this person who has been making these videos, so i can only assume it was just another sissy like the both of us. It is rather heart warming that someone is going so far out of their time to create something for us sissies to have, to help keep us motivated during those times where you may feel like giving up and trying to be a real man again.

There are so many sites and reddits, r/sissies has been fantastic, of how overwhelming positive people are to our desires. So many of you are beautiful but just scared to be a little bit more open. I guess thats one reason we like these reaffirmation. Nice long videos of being reminded you are doing this for a reason, and you want to cement into your brain. That and its not like there is a lot of other porn that does it for you anymore anyways.

and remember, I’m looking for amatuer sissies that would like to help make some content! Leave a comment and i will see the information before i approve it to be posted.


2 thoughts on “Sissy Hypno weekend #1 pt.2

  1. Thanks for posting these. I had forgotten about a few.

    1. Well keep coming back, i have a whole lot more of hypno videos for the weekends.

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