Sissy hypno weekend 3 (Chastity)

With the invention of chastity devices in the modern era, and the fact that you  can buy a pink silicone one on amazon for $30, we have seen a lot more sissies and cuckolds using chastity. Those the cheap ones are introductory ones, they are still a good start. The device is use for long term is  though she is a pricy gal. Personally i like the astetic look of chastity, but for those who feel they are too expensive or uncomfortable, i recomend tucking. Its winter where i am, and tucking into a tight pair of panties and pantyhose under your pants is also an excellent reminder and style of chastity.

I hope none of you stroke this weekend, just sit back and let your mind melt into the idea your clitty isnt for stroking. Just imagine how excited itll be if you go to thanksgiving locked up in chastity.

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