Bi-male cuckolding with Sara Swirls


From her site –

Sara Swirls is the embodiment and face of Amateur Interracial cuckolding the world over! The lifestyle and culture of cuckolding has been around since the dawn of time, however Sara Swirls has helped to increase exposure and tolerance for this all natural and enriching sub niche of the swinging lifestyle! Sara Swirls got started in cuckolding at the tender age of 23! Sara has an insatiable lust for strong agressive dominant black men to take charge of her while her hubby watches! The images and videos created by Sara Swirls and Hubby Jay are offered in reverance and appreciation for the cuckolding lifestyle. It is hoped by Sara Swirls and Hubby that many more can enjoy the greener pasteurs of cuckolding, and swinging, as it is understood that life is only what you make it. Sara and hubby hope to enlighten,entertain, and educate those who are curious or actively seeking a partner in an open relationship! Despite what it appears it is a fact that Sara and her husband have absolute, profound, and unshakeable love for eachother as well as the fans of the work they have created! Please enjoy your visit, and journey into the wild and zesty world of Sara Swirls!

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